Line-Up® Synthetic Turf Striping Paints & Remover

Due to increasing popularity of synthetic turf fields, athletic field maintenance professionals need a brand with products of proven performance they can trust.
Whether it's soccer one day or field hockey the next, with Krylon Line-Up® Removable Synthetic Turf Paint and Remover, striping synthetic turf fields becomes easier. Similar to the high quality ingredients in Line-Up® Striping Paint for grass fields, the removable synthetic turf paint is a high solids formula for bright, bold, vivd lines. This fast drying formula is available in aerosol with the same high delivery valve and bulk alternatives for maximum application versatility.

The Line-Up® Synthetic Turf Paint Remover, with its environmentally friendly and non-toxic formula, allows you to easily remove the Synthetic Turf Paint to change a field layout quickly. This helps you get the job done in a safe, effective manner increasing your productivity.

Line-Up® Remover: 5-Gallon Buckets

Free Shipping on 20 five-gal buckets
(K08400005) 5-Gallon Pail $69.00

Line-Up® Remover: 1-Gallon Jug

***Free Shipping on 20 cases
(K08400001) 1-Gallon Jug 4 Jugs per case $60.00 per case

Line-Up® 20 oz. Synthetic Paint Aerosol

?Quantity Discounts
1 – 5 cases $29.95

6 – 11 cases $28.95

12 – 17 cases $27.95

18+ cases $26.95

Turf Yellow (K080405000)

Turf White (K080406000)

There are 6 – 20 oz. cans per case (sold in cases only)

Free Shipping on 42 or more cases

Line-Up® 5-Gallon Synthetic Paint White

?Quantity Discounts

1 - 8 buckets $119.00

9 - 16 buckets $113.00

17+ buckets $107.00

***Free Shipping on orders of 7 5-gal buckets or more

(Free Shipping on all orders over the certain quantity)

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